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The competition is opened to students of the institutions of higher learning to present their Chem-E-Car design based on the criteria set in the Malaysia Chem-E-Car Competition Rules and Regulation 2022 v1 as follows:

  1. Description of the chemical reactions, power source (15 marks) and stopping mechanism (15 marks).
  2. Design creativity and unique features of the vehicle, including the strategy to score a “goal” or hit the bowling pins when momentum is transferred from the car to the ball (20 marks).
  3. Environmental (5 marks) and safety features (5 marks).
  4. Economic aspects (5 marks).
  5. Quality of the presentation (15 marks).
  6. Q&A (20 marks).


A maximum 10-minutes Q&A will be conducted for top 10 finalist.

Registration Fee

Malaysia Teams - RM100

International Teams – USD25


9 July 2022


2 members/team

*Note: Date subject to change without prior notice


1st Placing: RM700 + Certificate & Gold Plaque

2nd Placing: RM500 + Certificate & Silver Plaque

3rd Placing: RM300 + Certificate & Bronze Plaque

Fourth - Tenth: Certificate & Plaque

Certificate will be given to all participants


The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM)

Tel. No.: 603–7968 4026 (Amira)

Monash University

Tel. No.: 603–5515 9786
Email: /



Reactics Janaka

Mikael Bagastama Jatinitiraga
Muhammad Akbar Ariffandi
Gadjah Mada University


2nd Place

Spektronics Turbo

Bimo Bintang Aulia
Achmad Fadjar Maulana Firdaus
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember


3rd Place

Spektronics Nitro

Dheas Pinda Prayoga
Wiji Dharma Aditiya
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

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