APCChE and APCChE Congresses

The Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE) was founded in 1975 through the efforts of Professor T. Mizushina of Kyoto University, Japan. It was formed to provide a focus for various non-profit societies, associations and institutions working in the field of Chemical Engineering in the Asia Pacific region. APCChE comprises of member Societies in 13 countries and regions, People’s Republic of China, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Iran.

The first APCChE Congress was held in Indonesia in 1978, followed by congresses in the Philippines 2nd (1981), Thailand 3rd (1984), Singapore 4th (1987), Malaysia 5th (1990), Australia 6th (1993), Taiwan, China 7th (1996), Korea 8th (1999), New Zealand 9th (2002), Japan 10th (2004), Malaysia 11th (2006), Dalian 12th (2008), Taiwan, China 13th (2010), Singapore 14th (2012), Korea 15th (2013), Australia (2015), China (2017) and Japan (2019).